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[Interview Question] – What is Cassandra Authorization ? and types of Authentication in Cassandra? What is the difference between password authenticator(Internal) and DSE authenticator(external)?

Answer :

  • Internal authorization is where a user’s permissions – what actions they can perform inside the database – are enforced and managed inside of Cassandra.
  • DSE Authorizer analyzes the request against the role permissions on each affected resource before allowing the request to be executed.

Internal authentication equates to having user login accounts and their passwords being managed inside Cassandra. Another way of controlling authentication is through external security software such as Kerberos and LDAP. External authentication is supported by DataStax Enterprise (DSE) whereas internal authentication is supported both by DSE and open source Cassandra.

So password authenticator is supported in DSE and open source Cassandra but DSE authenticator is supported by only DSE Cassandra.

  • DSE Authenticator: Provides authentication using internal password authentication, LDAP pass-through authentication, and Kerberos authentication.

PS : By default, DSE Authenticator and DSE Authorizer are disabled. Authenticators other than DseAuthenticator are not supported.

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