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What Are The Important DSE Cassandra, OpsCenter Port Numbers ?

The following ports must be open to allow bi-directional communication between nodes, including certain Cassandra ports. 

Public ports:

Port number.Description
22SSH port
8888 OpsCenter web site port. The opscenterd daemon listens on this port for HTTP requests coming directly from the browser. 

Cassandra inter-node ports:

Port number.Description
7000Cassandra inter-node cluster communication.
7001Cassandra SSL inter-node cluster communication.
7199Cassandra JMX monitoring port.
Port numberDescription
9042Cassandra client port.
9160Cassandra client port (Thrift).
9142Default for native_transport_port_ssl, useful when both encrypted and unencrypted connections are required
Cassandra OpsCenter ports:
Port number Description
61620OpsCenter monitoring port. 
The opscenterd daemon listens on this port for TCP traffic coming from the agent.
61621OpsCenter agent port. 
The agents listen on this port for SSL traffic initiated by OpsCenter.

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