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[Interview Question] – What is the difference among nodetool decommission, nodetool remove and nodetool asassinate?

nodetool decommission :

Deactivates a node by streaming its data to another node.

Causes a live node to decommission itself, streaming its data to the next node on the ring to replicate appropriately.

Note: Decommission does not shut down the node. Shut down the node after decommission is complete.

Example: Decommission a remote node

nodetool -h decommission

nodetool removenode :

When the node is down and nodetool decommission cannot be used, use nodetool removenode. Run this command only on nodes that are down.

Example: nodetool removenode d0844a21-3698-4883-ab66-9e2fd5150edd

nodetool assassinate :

Forcefully removes a dead node without re-replicating any data. It is a last resort tool if you cannot successfully use nodetool removenode.

Example: nodetool -u username -pw password assassinate

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