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What is the Port number that Couchbase listen client connections? [Interview Question]


Couchbase (Listeners) : Concurrent query requests are received on ports 8093 and 18093.

Important Couchbase Port Numbers:
Network and Firewall Requirements:

Couchbase Server uses a variety of network ports for communication between server components and with the clients that access the data stored in the Couchbase Server cluster.

The ports listed below must be open on each host for Couchbase Server to operate correctly.

Important Note: If any port numbers are already in use by other running applications, Couchbase Server will not function properly and may fail to start.

List of port numbers grouped by category of communication path:

Node-local: Only connected to over localhost, needs to be open on the node but not available externally.
11213, 9119, 9998

Node-to-node: Between all nodes within a single cluster.
4369, 8091-8096, 9100-9105, 9110-9118, 9120-9122, 9999, 11209, 11210, 18094, 21100-21299

Client-to-node: Between any clients/app-servers/SDKs and all nodes of each cluster they require access to.

Unencrypted*: 8091-8096, 11210, 11211
Encrypted: 18091-18096†††, 11207

Cluster administration: Administration traffic via the REST API, command-line, and Web UI.

Unencrypted*: 8091
Encrypted: 18091

Note: certain support/diagnostic requests may run against ports other than 8091. These are expected to execute locally on a node and so do not require external access.

XDCR: Between all source and destination nodes of an XDCR replication stream.

v1 (CAPI)
8091, 8092

v2 (XMEM)
Unencrypted*: 8091, 8092, 11210
Encrypted: 8091, 11207, 18091, 18092

If enforcing encryption (SSL/TLS), these ports may be blocked outside of a Couchbase Server cluster but need to remain open between nodes.

Port NameDefault Port Number Un / EncryptedDescriptionNode-to-nodeClient-to-NodeCluster adminXDCR v1 (CAPI)XDCR v2 (XMEM)
epmd port4369Erlang Port Mapper DaemonYesNoNoNoNo
rest_port / ssl_rest_port8091 / 18091REST/HTTP including Web UIYesYesYesYesYes
capi_port / ssl_capi_port8092 / 18092Views and XDCR accessYesYesNoYesYes
query_port / ssl_query_port8093 / 18093Query service REST/HTTP trafficYesYesNoNoNo
fts_http_port / fts_ssl_port8094 / 18094Search service REST/HTTP trafficYesYesNoNoNo
cbas_http_port / cbas_ssl_port8095 / 18095†††Analytics service REST/HTTP trafficNoYesNoNoNo
eventing_http_port/ eventing_ssl_port8096 / 18096Eventing service REST/HTTP trafficNoYesNoNoNo
debugPort†††††9140Port for Eventing DebuggerNoYesNoNoNo
indexer_admin_port9100Indexer serviceYesNoNoNoNo
indexer_scan_port9101Indexer serviceYesNoNoNoNo
indexer_http_port9102Indexer serviceYesNoNoNoNo
indexer_stinit_port9103Indexer serviceYesNoNoNoNo
indexer_stcatchup_port9104Indexer serviceYesNoNoNoNo
indexer_stmaint_port9105Indexer serviceYesNoNoNoNo
cbas_admin_port9110Analytics serviceYesNoNoNoNo
cbas_cc_http_port9111Analytics serviceYesNoNoNoNo
cbas_cc_cluster_port9112Analytics serviceYesNoNoNoNo
cbas_cc_client_port9113Analytics serviceYesNoNoNoNo
cbas_console_port9114Analytics serviceYesNoNoNoNo
cbas_cluster_port††††9115Analytics serviceYesNoNoNoNo
cbas_data_port9116Analytics serviceYesNoNoNoNo
cbas_result_port9117Analytics serviceYesNoNoNoNo
cbas_messaging_port9118Analytics serviceYesNoNoNoNo
cbas_auth_port9119Analytics serviceNoNoNoNoNo
cbas_replication_port9120Analytics serviceYesNoNoNoNo
cbas_metadata_port9121Analytics serviceYesNoNoNoNo
cbas_metadata_callback_port9122Analytics serviceYesNoNoNoNo
xdcr_rest_port9998XDCR REST portNoNoNoNoNo
projector_port9999Indexer serviceYesNoNoNoNo
memcached_dedicated_port11209Data ServiceYesNoNoNoNo
memcached_port / memcached_ssl_port11210 / 11207Data ServiceYesYesNoNoYes
moxi_port††11211Moxi portNoYesNoNoNo
moxi_port_internal††11213Moxi portNoNoNoNoNo
Internal data ports21100 to 21299 (inclusive)Node data exchange.YesNoNoNoNo

† Cannot be remapped

†† Cannot be remapped. Deprecated in 5.0 and will be removed in a subsequent release. Consider using client-side Moxi instead.

††† Analytics SSL port not currently used; reserved for future use.

†††† In 5.5 Beta build, this port was named cbas_hyracks_console_port.

††††† The Eventing debugger port, debugPort, is an internal port and is not supported for external access outside of the cluster. Ensure to use this port only in your developer environments.

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