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What are the different types of services, Couchbase Server provides ?

Couchbase Server provides below services:

  • Data Service
  • Query Service
  • Index Service
  • Search Service
  • Analytics Service
  • Eventing Service
  • Data: Supports the storing, setting, and retrieving of data-items, specified by key.
  • Query: Parses queries specified in the N1QL query-language, executes the queries, and returns results. The Query Service interacts with both the Data and Index services.
  • Index: Creates indexes, for use by the Query and Analytics services.
  • Search: Create indexes specially purposed for Full Text Search. This supports language-aware searching; allowing users to search for, say, the word beauties, and additionally obtain results for beauty and beautiful.
  • Analytics: Supports join, set, aggregation, and grouping operations; which are expected to be large, long-running, and highly consumptive of memory and CPU resources.
  • Eventing: Supports near real-time handling of changes to data: code can be executed both in response to document-mutations, and as scheduled by timers.

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