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Check high watermark and low watermark of a Couchbase bucket

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Syntax :
$ cbstats [localhost] :11210 all -b [bucket-name] -u Administrator -p 'pa$$word' | egrep 'high_wat|low_wat'

Example :
$ cbstats all -b beer-sample -u Administrator -p 'pa$$word' | egrep 'high_wat|low_wat'

Output :

    ep_mem_high_wat: 178257920
    ep_mem_high_wat_percent: 0.85
    ep_mem_low_wat: 157286400
    ep_mem_low_wat_percent: 0.75
    iovused_high_watermark: 1
    msgused_high_watermark: 1

Note that water marks are given in bytes.
The high_wat mark translates into 170 MB.
The low-wat mark translates into 150 MB.

The above settings are per node. So, for the entire ‘lowmem’ bucket (on 2 nodes), the high water mark is 170 MB * 2 = 340 MB. Therefore the low water mark across the bucket is 300 MB.


Be aware that this tool (cbstats) is a per-node, per-bucket operation. To perform this operation for an entire cluster, perform the command for every node/bucket combination that exists for that cluster.

Check cbstats utility, to retrieve lower level statistics , which provides deep insight into what occurs within a cluster

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